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80/35 Year 2

Underwhelmed by the main stage acts this year. I guess Flaming Lips spoiled me. The rain didn't help much (especially friday) but I found myself outside the main stage area more this year than last year, and tended to be interested and enjoying the free stage acts more. A great case in point was the Envy Corp - playing a free stage for the second year running, they absolutely packed the parking lot of the DSM Social club (where the west stage was) and I know they had folks coming in early and sticking around through sound check and such to see THEM. They not only have interesting and infectious music - but they really know how to create "moments" I can see why they have such a great following, and if they are on the bill next year, it might be a wise time to move them over to the main stage area. I think they're ready.

I also discovered some great new acts I hope to see more of in some way:

1. Baby Teeth - Chicago based pop trio (Drums, Bass, Keys) fun catchy stuff.
2. Miss Derringer - Fun post-punk, girl band influenced band. Reminded me a bit of the Ravonettes
3. Girl in a Coma - San Antonio based trio. Really good punk based pop.

2 and 3 are apparently touring together atm.

I ended up buying all of Baby teeth's CDs, wanted to get Miss Derringer's, but got pulled away and then couldn't find their CD at the main merch tent :-( I'll Look it up later.