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One Week to DemiCon

New CD (Mr. Lincoln) is off to the duplicators.
Band has been working on the set list now for a few weeks.
I'm typing on the iMac we'll be using for the show.
Things are starting to fall into place.

Looking forward to seeing several of you again, and meeting some new people, and of course playing in Circle. I really do hope gamerchick gets a few songs in edgewise in circle this year, been re-listening to her CD, which has some great songs on it. Now that the CD is out of my hands maybe I'll sit down and try to learn "hidden track".

I'm feeling really good about the new CD.

Trivia: it has a song on it that was inspired by something I overheard at last years DemiCon: "Let go of the Monkey" is now a song (and will be performed by me and my band).


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Apr. 26th, 2009 06:29 pm (UTC)
Aww, thanks! With my band here this year I think I will be much more confident in the circle.

The song you're talking about is really easy, it's only 4 chords: Amin, Dminadd2 (something like that, my theory sucks, play Dmin but keep the high E string open), Emin, go between those chords for the verses, choruses end on A. I will play that at the circle for sure. (c:

I'm hoping to actually get to hear your show this year! Last year, I was starving and so food had to take precedence. )c:
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