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New Song for DemiCon

I wrote this little ditty especially for this years DemiCon performance (5/15) to go with the "Everything's Better With Pirates" theme. This is the 2nd time ever played by the band. Off Camera - CW Smith, drums; Justin Chastain, Keyboards; Josh Luce, bass.
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80/35 Year 2

Underwhelmed by the main stage acts this year. I guess Flaming Lips spoiled me. The rain didn't help much (especially friday) but I found myself outside the main stage area more this year than last year, and tended to be interested and enjoying the free stage acts more. A great case in point was the Envy Corp - playing a free stage for the second year running, they absolutely packed the parking lot of the DSM Social club (where the west stage was) and I know they had folks coming in early and sticking around through sound check and such to see THEM. They not only have interesting and infectious music - but they really know how to create "moments" I can see why they have such a great following, and if they are on the bill next year, it might be a wise time to move them over to the main stage area. I think they're ready.

I also discovered some great new acts I hope to see more of in some way:

1. Baby Teeth - Chicago based pop trio (Drums, Bass, Keys) fun catchy stuff.
2. Miss Derringer - Fun post-punk, girl band influenced band. Reminded me a bit of the Ravonettes
3. Girl in a Coma - San Antonio based trio. Really good punk based pop.

2 and 3 are apparently touring together atm.

I ended up buying all of Baby teeth's CDs, wanted to get Miss Derringer's, but got pulled away and then couldn't find their CD at the main merch tent :-( I'll Look it up later.

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DemiCon and the related craziness really sapped me this year, but in a good way. It was a lot of fun as always, and it keeps getting better to re-connect with with these folks I see about once a year.

Felt pretty good about the band performance, though we ended up dropping an SL song (Ballad of Ruth) unintentionally - when I checked on time w/ Eric and he said 2 I looked at our list and thought we were there - I enjoy Ruth, but glad I got to do the title track from the new CD ("Mr. Lincoln").

Not sure if the Effort to get the SL broadcast going was worth it though, I kinda felt like we had to keep the show moving forward as quickly as possible to make it through the set list and the way the monitor was situated I didn't really have a good chance to interact w/ the SL audience, and had no time to get out notices. I hope it sounded OK.

Was very happy to see gamerchick did indeed "bring it" at circle last night, and was glad that I suggested "Rogue" as her last song - it's one of my favorites from her "All My Heros are Villains" CD.

It was great meeting and getting to play a bit w/ her band mates (freeimprov & ogsnart).

Eric played "Hides" last night in circle, and it's always interesting to hear what happens w/ that song in a jam. I had a lot of fun figuring out ways to play along w/ it w/o having to retune in DADGAD, just put a capo on 5 - think it worked really well. Lots of really great interaction going on w/ that one.

freeimprov asked about covering my song "The Art of Being a Ninja" last night for his other band w/ ogsnart - The Feng Shui Ninjas - I think that would be a hoot. I'll try and embed a youtube video of me doing that solo acoustic for their reference.

I did manage to drag myself out the Door to Simo's (close to the house) for their Sunday night open mic - was nice and casual, got some great comments. I'll try and pull an ericcoleman and list my set:

Let Go of the Monkey (Frank noted a similarity to Greg Brown, I'm flattered)
Closing Time at the Roadhouse
Meet You in our Dreams
I Want to be a Canadian (Lorie Ann wants lyric sheets, or at least to hear it a few more times so she can sing along)
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One Week to DemiCon

New CD (Mr. Lincoln) is off to the duplicators.
Band has been working on the set list now for a few weeks.
I'm typing on the iMac we'll be using for the show.
Things are starting to fall into place.

Looking forward to seeing several of you again, and meeting some new people, and of course playing in Circle. I really do hope gamerchick gets a few songs in edgewise in circle this year, been re-listening to her CD, which has some great songs on it. Now that the CD is out of my hands maybe I'll sit down and try to learn "hidden track".

I'm feeling really good about the new CD.

Trivia: it has a song on it that was inspired by something I overheard at last years DemiCon: "Let go of the Monkey" is now a song (and will be performed by me and my band).
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I am an "alt" key

You Are "alt"

Some people might find you to be strange, mysterious, and even a bit off putting.

You tend to be drawn to and influenced by alternative lifestyles. You're definitely not normal.

Once people get to know you, they realize you're interesting, intriguing, and very intelligent.

You have a lot of knowledge stored in that big brain of yours. Most of it is useless knowledge, but some of it is very useful.

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80-35 Festival

Awesome, awesome show. I am now officially a Flaming Lips fan. I liked them before, but this was a really great concert experience. And I'm not just saying that because they seem to have convinced a goodly contingent of females to paint their bodies and run around in nothing but panties and band-aids.

I think this festival will really help kick up Des Moines place in the region (among younger adults) I think it's fulfilling it's goal really well. Amadeo and the other folks in DMMC that put this together should be applauded, loudly, not just by music fans, but by those who want to see Des Moines and it's arts scene thrive.

Congrats DMMC for a great first day of 80/35!

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We're going to be resident for DemiCon

We managed to nab a room on floor 7 so, I'll be able to get most of the worst of the moving done tonight. I was pretty bummed when I couldn't get us rooms, so I was pretty amazed when we got this one. Woot! Now we'll be able to "get" more of the whole DemiCon experience.
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Getting ready for DemiCon

I'm on the mend from the crud, thanks to the z-pack I got from the Dr. yesterday, and am working on finalizing arrangements for DemiCon. I'm planning on trying something that requires a set list be finalized, and I'm thinking this is it:

Keep Your Lamps Trimmed & Burning
King of the World
Moving Sidewalk Life
Big Bad World
Ballad of Ruth
Mr. Lincoln
Furry Lolita of Gor
Closing Time at the Roadhouse
Meet You In Our Dreams
Cyber Me

The only cover is the first one (and I always add a Second Life verse to it) I've linked to live versions of all that I have live versions of and a few others that full versions are out on the net for. Any comments? Requests? peeps?